Sold - Large Ceramic Centrepiece by Jerome Massier, Vallauris, France, 1950s

Sold - Large Ceramic Centrepiece by Jerome Massier, Vallauris, France, 1950s

Large pottery centrepiece glazed in glossy red/raspberry enamel with raised glossy green enamel olives branches .

Signed Jerome Massier creation Paule Ville. Unique piece.

Designers of Mediterranean decorative ceramics, the Massiers were great innovators for their time. Through technical innovations and the renewal of decorative forms strongly inspired by the eclecticism of the end of the 19th century, they knew how to follow the orientations of their time and even precede them by adding renowned collaborators.The Massiers will be innovative both in the artistic field through their research into ancient techniques: enamelled earthenware, metallic luster and in the commercial field, using modern means such as advertising, sales catalogs and postcards to attract customers newly settled on the Côte d'Azur: their pieces seduce and decorate the new buildings on the Riviera. They also create points of sale at national and international level thanks to new modes of transport such as the railway and the modernization of maritime trade; they send their pieces around the world and present the fruits of their research at universal and international exhibitions which are held in Europe and the United States at regular intervals; they received numerous awards, including the gold medal for Clément in 1889, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Finally, their contacts with the European princely courts, which became their clients, the artistic and literary world gave them international notoriety.

By their artistic approach and their commercial spirit, Delphin, Clément and Jérôme Fils, perfectly illustrate this end of the 19th century when the notion of “arts applied to industry” emerged and asserted itself, which would become the “Decorative Arts

Height: 1.19 in (3 cm)
Width: 21.66 in (55 cm)
Depth: 12.6 in (32 cm)

Mid-Century Modern

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